Manhattan Private Karaoke and Open Bar

Corporate Parties and Events

Zacks Dance Loft event space is beautifully designed, featuring high ceilings, 2,000 sq ft, floating wooden floor, classic bar, lounge, 80'' wireless smart TV, WiFi, sound systems, karaoke, as well as soothing lighting and open bar. Centrally located at 28 street and Park Avenue Manhattan and surrounded by hotels and great restaurants.
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We host a vast array of corporate events including, but not limited to, new year and holidays parties, launches, media events, focus groups, and fundraising. We will provide you with a beautiful palette; yet, we will allow you to create your own atmosphere to make your event stand out.

We also offers a wide array of possibilities for your next corporate function such as:

  1. Wine Tasting and Swing Dance Class
  2. Happy Hour Dance Class (Latin Dance, Swing, Belly Dance etc)
  3. Cocktail parties
  4. Karaoke Parties

No matter your party theme idea is, we can and will accommodate your needs. We will provide you with a unique party atmosphere and a package that fit your budget. Extended hours of operation 7 days a week and as late as 3AM


Event Space Includes

We welcome outside vendors and caterers, and we have all the necessary support, equipment, and staff to ensure that your event will run smoothly and will be remembered by all.

  1. Equipment: Sound System, Microphones, Smart Wireless TV, and more.
  2. Sitting: Dinner and cocktails tables, wooden padded chairs, buffet tables, padded benches, couches and more
  3. Staff: Operations Manager, Security Guard, Bartender, Server,  Cleaning Staff
  4. Beverage: Soda, Juice, wine, and liquor - Bring Your Own Bear parties are welcome
  5. Bar: Open bar and bar supply