Happy Hour Pole Dance Class and Pole Play at Zacks NY Dance Loft

Happy Hour Pole Dance Class & Pole Play

A Happy Hour unlike anything you'll find at your local bar! If you are looking for a happy hour that is different from the typical local bar scene, why not try our Girls Night Out Pole Dance Class. Open for both men and women.
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The Event

Like all our happy hours dance class events, this all inclusive happy hour will be a blast. The event features an open bar, pole play and pole practice. No experience is necessary for this activity but you will need to be keen to have fun while dancing and socializing. At this happy hour, you will have the opportunity to practice, experience and explore this popular dance style with your friends and other people like you.

Important Safety Rules

  • For your safety, please no lotion, oils, jewelry, or long pants.
  • Wear shorts or miniskirts and a t-shirt or tank top. Heels are optional.
  • Food will not be allowed in the studio.
  • We are not responsible or liable for any lost or stolen items.


To expedite your check-in process, please get our waiver and agree to its terms. To get our waiver, please contact us via email by clicking here. Thanks!


3rd Thursday of the Month 7PM-10PM

Sptember 17, 2015
October 15, 2015


  • $50 - 1 ticket
  • $95 - 2 tickets

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Happy Hour Pole Dance Class

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What People Say About Our Happy Hour Dance Class:

"It was a great way to spend a Wednesday night. Worth every dollar. I think the whole class agreed. We had a blast and learned a lot. Zach is a great teacher. I'm definitely going back." READ MORE...