Latin Dance Class at Zacks Manhattan Dance Loft

Bachelorette Parties and Girls Night Out



NYC Premier Destination fo the Bachelorette and her Entourage. Many theme to choose from with absolute privacy. Open bar, bar attendant, busboy, and teacher are all inclusive.

When Is A Cliché Not A Cliché?
When we said WE ARE THE BEST BACHELOTETTE and GIRLS NIGHT OUT VENUE in NYC, and  we are ready to match the pricing of any similar package offered by other local dance studio, and on top of it if you find a better deal we will give you 10% extra discount.


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Here is the package that you cannot find in Manhattan (up to 96 street)
•           $550 - $650,
•           Two hours, 10 girls.
•           Dance class (pole, bely, Latin, etc.)
•           Pole for each girl. 12 feet tall brass poles
•           Open bar; Red and White Wine, Vodka, Gin, Whiskey, Rum, and Tequila and mixers.
•           Private teacher, private bartender
•           Huge private studio with a private bar and private lounge. 
•           Photoshoot


Party Themes

Pole and Chair Danc
No A pole dance themed for a bachelorette party is a recipe for hilarity! Our venue is the only studio with 18 12-foot-tall brass poles install in one large and private room, and the space around them is larger than the standard. With so many poles in one large room, we are the only school that can accommodate large group of girls. Therefore, here at our studio girls do not have to share the pole with too many of their girlfriends.


Belly Dance
No matter the size of the group, your party will be held in a private and spacious studio, which featured high ceiling, private lounge area, and private wet bar. Complementary open bar and a hip scarf for each girl - guarantee!


Latin Dance

Many styles to choose from; Salsa, Cha-Cha, Bachata, Merengue, Zumba, and more. Zack, features best of NY by New York Magazine and NBC, will conduct a Latin style lesson for complete beginner dancers. After the lesson, practice with Zack and socialize and with the bachelorette entourage while enjoying complementary wine and spirits.


Wine Tasting and Karaoke
Like the pole dance party, a karaoke themed bachelorette party is a recipe for hilarity! and what could be better than having it at a private venue with an ail night free and open bar.

Make your own theme