best private dance studio and private parties venue in NYC
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The Venue

Featured Best Dance Studio by New York Magazine

There are many dance studios and even more independent teachers to choose from. That's exactly why I separate my studio from the rest in every way I can. Indeed, I was fortunate to be featured as Best of New York by New York Magazine.

However, this was not the end of the story. Since then, I have been constantly working on enhancing customer satisfaction by improving the facilities, the service, and even outr cocktails:)


The venue is extraordinary dance studio that offers a unique experience for private dance classes and private parties.The venue was design as a dance studio and can be transformed into an exclusive private party venue. Our studio is beautifully designed and featured, wet bar, lounge area, floating hardwood floor, high ceiling dance floor, chandeliers, A/C, buffet tables, cocktail tables, dinner tables, chairs, PA system, Karaoke, TV, Mics, Mixer, and more.

parties like yours which cannot be matched or replicate by the typical NYC studios and venues.

No matter the size of the group, your party will be held in a private and spacious studio, which featured high ceiling, private lounge area, and private wet bar. Complementary open bar and a hip scarf for each girl - guarantee!

Extended hours of operationhe

7 days a week and as late as 3AM