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Tie the knot with style and grace!

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Can You Dance? Yes you can!! if you can walk - you can dance.  Dancing is just different kinds of walking.

|You my feel you have 2 left feet. The reasons might be that you are out there for people to see, and you don't want to look silly. Maybe you have had some past experience that reinforces this fear. You might think you're awkward and not coordinated. Not to mention the latest TV dance shows which make you think that you could never be that good. These reasons are not real at all - they are just fear and anxiety which is perfectly normal. Everyone feels this way when they start. What you need is a stress free studio, and Zack's Dance Loft is truly one of a kind.

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Stress Free Classes

Planning your wedding can be somewhat stressful time for you. Therefore I set up a studio with a stress free ambiance. Here, your lessons will be enjoyable and stress free for many reasons. Here are just a few examples.

  • Complete Privacy - you own the studio for the length of your class.
  • Cancellation Policy - you will not pay for a scheduled class if you can't keep your appointment.
  • Soothing Décor and Lighting - at my dance loft, fear and anxiety - which are perfectly normal - will fade a way instantly
  • Open Bar - what other dance school can you go to, where you're handed a drink at the door and then expertly whisked onto the dance floor :)

Budget Your Time and Money

In general, the number of classes you need is greatly depends on your starting point and goal. Most couples would need 8 to12 hours of instruction to prepare a dance which looks elegant and one which they feel confident doing on the day.

To make an intelligent decision, you may consider the following factors:

  • How well do you dance at this moment
  • How quickly do you learn
  • How easy to dance is your chosen song
  • How elaborate do you wish your dance to be

At your first class these factors are carefully considered. I will also demonstrate few dances that fit your song(s) and from which you may choose the one that you like.

So how many classes you may need - You decide.
But remember that you must allow practice time to develop the skills and build your confidence.

Please let me know how your schedule looks like and I will accommodate you. I teach on the weekdays and weekends until midnight and beyond. Off course you may hang around after midnight for more complementary drinks:)

Father-Daughter and Mother-Son Dance
This second dance symbolizes the couple inviting their parents to be part of their new family. It can have overtones of thanks and gratitude or new beginnings.

If you decide not to skip these dances, you may want to pick up a song which can be danced differently from your first dance.

* Father - Daughter Dance Songs   * Mother - Son Dance Songs

Attire You Should Wear to Your Lessons

Wear clothing you are comfortable.
Ladies should wear a shoe which is similar to the wedding shoes in terms of heel height and style .
Men should wear a dress shoe with a leather sole rather than running shoes.

Buy Wedding Dance Lessons:

1 or 2 Lessons:
5 Lessons:
10 Lessons:
20 Lessons:



$95 - 1st lesson
$75 - 2nd lesson
$85 - Average*

  85 / lesson
425 / 5 classes
  80 / lesson
800 / 10 classes
  75 / lesson
1500 / 20 classes
Free Gift Certificate
**$50   $100   $150   $200

* Second class is always $75 and you don't have to buy 2-classe package.
** Gift toward Wine Tasting or Happy Hour Classes

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