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Dance Studio and Events Venue


Featured Best Studio By New York Magazine

...and we keep working hard to provide the best quality, value and service to meet the needs of the bride and the groom, the needs of the the bachelorette and her entourage, and needs of our students and guests. See More...

The Venue

There are many dance studios and even more independent teachers to choose from, and that's exactly why I separate my studio from the rest in every way I can. Indeed my team have been constantly working on enhancing customer satisfaction by improving the facilities, the service, and even our cocktails:) . See More...



The dance studio offers private wedding dance classes and Happy Hour dance classes, but It can be transformed into an exclusive private party venue. It featured, wet bar, lounge, high ceiling, chandeliers, buffet and cocktail tables, chairs, PA system, TV, and more. See More...

Customer Oriented Mind-Set

  1. Complete privacy without the extra or hidden costs
  2. Free make up classes
  3. 7 days a week and extended hours of operation
  4. Complementary wine and cocktails.
  5. Classes are 60 minutes long.